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Janina Gold | Fotografie | Kostümdesign | Fantasy | Fotoshooting | München

Unleash Your Imagination with Janina Gold - Your Partner for Costumedesign, Photography, and Digital Art!

Janina Gold is a creative partner when it comes to costume design, photography and digital art projects. She provides each client with an individual and customized result, bringing their vision to life with her expertise and passion for art.

With years of experience, attention to detail and creativity, Janina strives to create unique pieces that truly stand out. She has extensive knowledge of various techniques and styles and brings a fresh and innovative approach to each project.

Whether you are a professional in the industry or an aspiring artist, Janina invites you to explore her portfolio and create something extraordinary together.


"Even more beautiful in person, how can that be possible?? I am so excited to wear it to my event.
I'm in love and I will be coming back for more!"

— Lizeth, Customer


"Absolutely beautiful - full of lovely, dreamlike details.
Such a kind, inspired and patient artist to work with to make dreams come true!"

— Eva, Customer

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