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You want to create a unique crown? BUT...

- You don´t know which materials you can use

- You don´t know what tools you need

- You don´t know the right manufacturing techniques

- You lack an idea for the design

- You want to save time and work effectively


I want you to have as much fun as possible while creating your crown and your preparations for it to be as easy as possible!


That's why I offer you the perfect shortcut to design your crown more professional and beautiful.

In my "LEARN TO CREATE A CROWN" E-Book you will learn:

✔ what materials you need and where you can buy it

✔ what tools you need

✔ how to create a base

✔ how a to create a shape

✔ how to work with hot glue

✔ how to create an individual design

✔ how to reach your goal quickly and effectively

✔ how you add that "special" extra

✔ where you can get inspired


✔ 22 pages step-by-step instructions divided into five chapters

✔ 38 Color photos

✔ Numerous tips and tricks

✔ practical DIN-A4 PDF format

✔ Instant-Download

✔ available in English and German

 only 14EUR

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My name is Janina Gold

As a freelance costume designer, I have designed numerous costumes and worked on operas and theaters.

In this e-book I show you how to create a stunning crown. I give you exclusive insights into my creative process as a designer and show you step by step how to create your own crown.



"The e-book reads very pleasantly thanks to the numerous example pictures and the steps are well structured and clearly laid out.

The detailed design makes it easy and straightforward to copy."


"This e-book is a great option for anyone who has ever wanted to get creative themselves. It's wonderfully explained and takes you through the construction of a crown in simple steps, supported by numerous detailed pictures and valuable tips. The instructions immediately make you want to get hands-on and start crafting."


The graphic design is executed with a professional touch, imparting a serene impression. The amount of information provided strikes a perfect balance - not overwhelming, yet substantial enough. The tips are thoughtfully organized, guiding the creative process seamlessly. On the whole, the e-book is a resounding success, with the text written in an engaging manner.
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